If you think the words ‘marketing’ and ‘concrete’ don’t go together, think again. Marketing — fundamentals, best practices, trends, and all it entails — goes far beyond creating a business logo and setting up a Facebook page. Like pouring concrete, it’s ongoing and rarely, if ever, stops. CTI Momentum shares and explains three main reasons why a comprehensive and continuous marketing strategy is key for all concrete contractors.

1. Differentiate From Competitors

Marketing — and the many tools which come with it — is a great way to set your business apart from the competition. Sure, it’s easy to send out an email or two telling customers about services or create a social media page. But now is the time to not go with the flow.

Drilling down to how and where customers spend time online, such as YouTube, Facebook, or reading emails, is the first step to differentiating. From there you’ll be able to see if they prefer watching a short video or spend several minutes reading web pages. Tailor marketing to customers and how they consume information, and you’ll see and hear how your business stands out.

2. Backup Existing Customer Service

Social media, email marketing, and other channels give customers more than one opportunity to reach out for more information. For customer service, being able to reach out works hand in hand with education and problem solving.

Let’s say three people — a blend of current and prospective customers — ask the same question during a week. Odds are you’ll answer the question privately, but what an excellent opportunity to back up the reach and impact of existing customer service.

3. Grow Your Customer Base

Word of mouth is great but supplementing with a consistent and tailored marketing plan is a reliable way to grow a customer base. It allows you to put the information current customers want and answers to questions potential customers have in front of them at the right time.

The key to marketing in any industry, and especially for concrete contractors, is knowing what customers want. As cliché as this sounds, there’s an enormous caveat to the statement.

Do you really know what customers want?

They want and/or need a product or service, but the reasons are usually deeper and more complex than a simple want or need. Understanding and having a solution to the issue — and being able to convey it through marketing tactics — not only helps the current customer but provides an ample opportunity to grow the customer base.